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I wish I had read this book before I started algebra. It would have cleared up a lot of confusion that I had to work through, especially when it came to words such as coefficient. This book makes the language of math easy to understand. Although I would have liked to have read it sooner, I am glad to have the secrets now before going Into more advanced math. R.T. college student

After reading this book, my algebra class went from a dreadful hour out of my day to being an actual good experience. One problem with algebra is that it uses some of the same words as English but these words have different definitions and that was never explained to me before. By going over these differences, the book showed me that I had wrong definitions for a lot of words in my math vocabulary. Another thing I was never taught in school is that algebra problems are not physical things—no two things in this world are identical. Only in the world of the mind can we draw a perfect circle or add two perfect inches. Grasping the secrets of algebra has allowed me to develop a love for math. C.M. high school student

I hated math before reading Mastering Algebra, the Three Secrets; now I love it! S.C. high school student

I had always thought algebra was created by Gargamel and designed to hurt and confuse the mind. Then a friend told me about the book Mastering Algebra, the Three Secrets. I bought it and read it. Now algebra is as easy as adding or subtracting but a lot more interesting! T.M. artist and film director

I always had a vague idea about what algebra is but felt it too complex for me to understand. After reading this book, however, I know my problem was simply that I didn’t understand some of the words. I love it when someone points me in the right direction and a huge hitherto unsolvable problem becomes easy. It reminds me that as hectic and complicated as this world can be the application of a few simple rules and guidelines can set you back on the road to having fun again. I was particularly taken by the chapter “Is Math Real?” This was an eye-opener that helped me appreciate math so much more and understand all the problems I’d had with it in the past. Throughout my entire study of math, I had overlooked what I now see is obvious. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has trouble with math or who wants to appreciate it more. J.M.R. college student

Mastering Algebra, the Three Secrets is a breakthrough in the teaching of math. My students have gone from thinking algebra a necessary drudgery to actually enjoying it. They now look forward to math class to find what new tricks they’re going to learn. C.L.M. high school math teacher

Mastering Algebra, the Three Secrets makes me excited to start my work. It shifted my viewpoint on algebra and gave me a more positive look at the subject. Not many teachers, students or parents realize the secrets revealed. Not knowing them is the only reason students dislike the subject. The book addresses all barriers that can come up when learning algebra. I strongly suggest getting it out to public schools. C.S. high school student

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